Extreme Big Bore Ammo

Air Rifles

Extreme big bore air rifles and pistols are the big caliber weapons producing the big power and shooting the the extremely heavy bullets.  The ammunition these guns shoot is only capable of being shot by the most powerful guns on the market today.  There are several builders of these extreme caliber guns.


American Air Arms | Slayer big bore

The most innovative gun manufacture today is American Air Arms.  Their extreme big bore guns made in 45, 40, 35 and 308 calibers and produce huge power and extreme accuracy.  Besides the massive power and best accuracy of any big bore on the market, what really sets them apart is their innovation.

The Slayer hit the market with no other gun in it’s class.  This big bore has a balanced valve making the cocking effort easy as well as producing extreme foot pounds of energy.  Big bores traditionally have not had magazines to carry follow up shots on the gun and easily loaded for quick follow up shots.  The Slayer 357 comes with a multi-shot magazine overcoming this problem.

Big bores of the extreme calibers have also been very long traditionally.  The Slayer comes in a bullpup configuration making is shorter and lighter.  This makes it easier to carry and more nibble to shoulder and quickly get on target.

Other features include a tentioned barrel, twist rates that match the bullet weights you intend to shoot in the gun, a lighter platform, built in moa on the scope rail and moderator built into the guns design.  All in all the American Air Arms Slayer extreme big bore is the best value big bore available today.


XP Airguns

I think everyone loves XP Airguns and their extreme big bores.  From their Scout .308 to the Quigley .72 these are quality built guns and a gun you buy to shoot and hunt.  These guns are not using and new technology but do offer Cerakote ceramic coating standard on the gun and you get to choose the color.

The extreme big bore .72 caliber Quigley is a 12 guage slug shooter capable of shooting slugs up to 1000 grains!  This monster gun makes them one of the most extreme.  XP Airguns is one check out.


Western Big Bore | Bush Buck

While nowhere near the innovation of the Slayer the Bush Buck brings a beautiful air rifle to market.  Other manufactures have similar designs but this extreme big bore is very well made and proven to be accurate.  The overall length of this gun is long so it is not real nimble and a bit heavy at over 10 pounds without a scope and rings.

This gun does put out some great power but unfortunate it is only single shot so no quick follow up shots are expected out of this rifle.  That aside, with accurate guns you can hit what you aim at and this gun puts out the lead and looks as good as they come.  Check out a Bush Buck to compare to other extreme big bores.


Professional Big Bore Air Guns | PBBA

Professional Big Bore seems to be growing in popularity and even offer a shotgun option.  Their rifles are similar in design to Western Big Bore and Extreme Big Bore with nice stocks in 308, 357 and 457 caliber options.  Nice option with PBBA is you can choose caliber, airtube size, barrel length and color of stock and only 3K psi fill.  These PBBA rifles are are made in the USA and quality built weapon.


Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles

The name should give it away, they make large big bore air rifles.  Once a popular gun, the Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles focus on brute power as their main selling point.  These rifles are of basic design but do provide extreme power and offer big caliber choices like an amazing 72 caliber rifle.  One of the few air rifles who makes a rifle with intention for helium even though there is little need or desire for it but does make a lot of power.  The These rifles are geared for guys looking for power and not as focused on accuracy and innovation.  That is one thing that makes the air gun industry so great – there is something for everyone.  You put this rifle on your short list at the Extreme Big Bore Air Rifle site.


Extreme Big Bore Ammo

Once you get your gun you will need extreme big bore ammo and Nielsen Specialty Ammo has a large selection of both cast and swage ammo.  NSA also has the best pricing on bullets specifically made for air rifles.  Check out Nielsen Specialty Ammo extreme big bore ammunition and their fair priced quality ammunition.